Nice Weather – Gardening

There is nothing quite like nice weather to finish up being sick. It clears the air, your lungs, and most of all motivates me toward productivity. It is impossible to compare to after a long winter and I would regret it greatly if I didn’t take advantage, so I began planning out my garden. You see, 2 years ago I built a simple garden box that was 4′ by 8′ and since then have been experimenting each year with various produce. With it being so nice out, I began planning again with my new vegetarian diet in mind.


It is time to expand I have decided, so these are the first of many seeds I will purchase this season, but it is a great start. I chose three different spices that I love, but additionally can be dried with relative ease and used throughout the year. These three include thyme, parsley, and rosemary but I plan on adding a few more to this small list. The plan this season is to build a smaller garden box for spices behind my current box, and it will be able to house many more herbs, preferably all which I can use throughout the year.

Within the box I built several years ago I plan on planting numerous tomatoes. It seems that regardless of how many I grow, there are never enough for those in my house. To hopefully help with this I plan on growing several plants, as well as several different varieties to be used in different dishes. Along with these tomatoes, I plan on growing sugar snap peas, and carrots as well, as these are always delicious. There is nothing that compares to fresh, homegrown vegetables.

Additionally, the side of my house hosts a larger plot of land, although with a little less soil, so I hope to build this garden up more and fill it with potatoes. Filling this entire garden with potatoes would be quite excessive though, so as I continue on there I plan on adding other fruit or vegetables, likely some pumpkins and cucumbers. This entirely depends on the number of raspberry bushes which have intruded into the garden this year, as this makes the space fluctuate greatly from year to year, and they are too delicious to remove.

In the coming weeks I will be traveling to California, then to Massachusetts so my blogs may be random, but once I get back I will begin planting some of the larger plants inside. It helps them greatly in growing I have learned, and helps induce a longer growing season if they are allowed to sprout earlier, and I hope to get the most I can out of this season! I look forward to keeping everyone updated, and eating the produce of my labor.

Until Next Time,

The Part Time Vegetarian


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