Small Steps

It is amazing how difficult it is to be a vegetarian. From the beginning I anticipated this, but nevertheless I greatly underestimated this commitment. Despite my best efforts, in the past week I have eaten entirely vegetarian only 3 of the 7 days. Even though this means I cut back on approximately 6 or 7 meat filled meals, I still consumed 4 this week. This is a major improvement for me personally, but it still isn’t enough.

Although it seemed to me mildly pathetic this early on, I needed to get some motivation to continue on with this venture. As I’ve said, I’ve seen Cowspiracy twice, and although this film caused this decision I already knew the facts and needed new ones to keep me going. So I began looking, and honestly I found the fuel to keep me going much faster than I would have thought. After a small search I found numerous reasons why I should continue on this journey.

“Help End World Hunger”

“Live Longer, Slow The Aging Process”

As well as the unbiased,

“Enjoy The Diverse, Colorful, And Delicious World Of Vegetarian Cuisine”

I quickly was reminded of why I am doing this. I want to end world hunger, I want to live longer, and I of course want to enjoy a diverse, colorful, and delicious cuisine. Yet how do I remember these things when I am actually preparing meals, let alone the dreaded but forthcoming eating out. Being a vegetarian you really do change your lifestyle, but it is a change I am fully committed to. I intend to continue tracking my progress and “successful days” as my friends like to call them as this goes on, and over time I expect the successful days to continue to increase.

I have a goal of going out to eat next week, although where is undecided at this point. I’ve heard that this is a challenge for even the most experienced of vegetarians as peer pressure, smells, and the menu do their best to make you eat a burger or some meat related item. Yet despite this, and my relatively shaky track record I have a feeling it will go well.

Until Next Time,

The Part Time Vegetarian


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